About Us
Hope Sport Association was created by Marie-Christine and Linda Cheng, Life long friends who share a belief that life is enhanced by Sport. Sport provides not only inherent exercise and physical well-being but participation in Sport promotes confidence, develops discipline and encourages competition. The 'Spirit' of Sport also aencompasses the virtue of integrity, a sense of fair play and amity which allows for friendships that last a lifetime.

Marie-Christine grew up in Hong Kong in a sporting environment in a family dedicated to playing and enhancing potential in a wide variety of sporting disciplines. Her Mother, now 80, has exercised daily in the pool for over 60 years and she displays today both the mental acuity and the physical dexterity that have been the benefits of her training. Linda was also inspired like many of us at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and what she witnessed convinced both partners to provide the opportunity for young, middle aged and old to simply develop their potential to the fullest, maybe some for an Olympic Games but for all student/athletes, an improvement in their quality of life.
Sport max and Hope Sport Association was developed with the Credo that the physical aspects of sport training must be aligned with the personal development of each student/athlete in order to maximize potential. Sport Max has diligently resourced coaches that embody and exemplify this Credo where the Pool becomes much more than just a classroom to learn the disciplines of Swim and Triathlon.
Sport Max and Hope Sport Association are committed to Excellence and Personal development through Sport. We are designed to cater to the "whole" student/athlete in physical, mental and relationship terms. We hope to create Ambassadors for Sport who will both live and promulgate these "values" over a lifetime. We are all about achieving success and fulfilling potential not just in terms of winning races but really in terms of living life. We want each student/athlete only to be the

Marie has been surrounded by sports all her life, and knows the lifelong benefits of them: competitiveness, confidence and discipline. Her mother, in particular, was her biggest inspiration. Although at the age of 80, her mother is still in both excellent physical and mental shape, thanks to the constant exercise she gets: she has been swimming every day of the year for 60 years. It was with this vision of spreading the importance of exercise that Marie created Sport Max and Hope Sport Association. Marie's ideas were shared by her best friend, Linda. The 2008 Peking Olympics gave Linda the idea that Hong Kong, too, has the responsibility to groom and develop its own athletes. At Sport Max and Hope Sport Association, we believe that physical improvement is not the only important thing. It does not matter how good a coach is, if he is unable to establish a personal relationship with his student, the student will not be learning to his full potential. Our hiring philosophy is based on two attributes: physical and mental strength. Mental strength is the instructor's capability to connect with students and create a bond of trust. If a bond of trust is established, the student will see the coach as something more: a mentor, through which they can emulate an athlete's discipline, competitiveness and confidence - attributes that benefit an individual both inside and outside of the pool.

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